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Description:8oz Clear Dessert Cup
Case Quantity:1000, 20/50
Outer SCC:10824024004878
Case Dimensions:20.00” x 16.125” x 15.50”
TiHi:6 x 5
AMDL626- Dome Lid With 1.875″ Hole
AMDL626- Dome Lid with 1.875″ Hole
AMDL626NH- Dome Lid With No Hole
AMDL626NH- Dome Lid with No Hole
ADL626- Dome Lid With 1″ Hole
ADL626- Dome Lid with 1″ Hole
A626PNS- Flat Lid With No XSS Slot
A626PNS- Flat Lid with No XSS Slot
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