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June 11, 2019 – Brantford, ON – Stone Straw and its parent company, Wentworth Technologies share in the Government concerns about plastic waste and litter.

We are pleased to see that the Government is committed to reducing plastic waste and eliminating litter by developing strategies and making decisions that are based on scientific evidence.  We encourage a lifecycle assessment approach when assessing plastic products and their alternatives to ensure an optimum outcome for the environment, while avoiding unintended consequences from a broader sustainability perspective.

A major driver for the need for change is the global crisis relating to plastics in our oceans.  While Canada is responsible for 0.025%* of ocean plastic waste originating from land sources, as a Canadian company, Wentworth believes we have a responsibility and leadership role in developing viable environmentally friendly solutions.

Over the past year, Wentworth has been actively working at all levels of Government in support of “zero plastic waste” strategies and initiatives including the recent CCME’s (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment) Zero Plastic Waste workshop.

Wentworth’s mission is to develop smart, safe, sustainable packaging solutions based on the principles of a growing Circular Economy, with a focus on improving the economics of recycling, and partnering with raw material suppliers to identify supply from post-consumer resin and renewable feedstock.

As a result of this focus, the majority of our products use materials that are 100% recyclable, and are increasingly produced with recycled content.  Our product offering also includes integrated solutions for events and concerts that aims to achieve recycling rates of over 80%, diverting a majority of waste from landfill.

Where recycling of products is not possible – for example with straws, we’ve worked with our supply chain partners to develop alternative solutions using renewable resources.  Our new Back to EarthTM plant based compostable straws are BPI certified and meet stringent international standards.

Wentworth remains steadfast in our commitment to working with our supply chain partners, customers and all levels of Government in developing and delivering real solutions that support the goals of zero plastic waste and eliminating litter.  Together we know our actions can make meaningful change.

* Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean – Jambeck et al., Science 2015


About Wentworth Technologies Wentworth Technologies is one of Canada’s largest privately owned plastics packaging manufacturers of industrial, consumer and foodservice products with 14 facilities located in Ontario, US and Poland to serve the North American and European markets.  Wentworth’s mission is to develop smart, safe, sustainable packaging solutions that deliver best value.


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