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Amhil’s sustainability initiatives are aimed at improving our impact on local and global environments. Our comprehensive environmental plan has 3 major focus areas:


Energy can be a major contributor of carbon emissions depending how it is generated. Amhil’s manufacturing facilities source their energy from utilities that offer over 90% clean energy. That said, Amhil remains focused on initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption through investments in state of the art machines, auxiliary technologies and lighting.  Projects since 2013 have resulted in total energy savings of 3,922,919 kWh, the equivalent to 71,449 tree seedlings growth for 10 years.


Waste reduction is enabled in part by a series of computer and smartphone applications that dramatically reduce the need for paper.  Amhil’s recycling and reuse efforts include a formal recycling program extending across all facilities, providing employee education and convenient bin locations. In our manufacturing facilities, to help eliminate waste and scrap, we reuse plastic webbing which is a by-product when forming our products.


At Amhil, we believe that excellent design is achieved when products deliver a superior customer experience, while being manufactured with an optimum amount of material. The introduction of key design elements results in lighter weight products which in turn reduce carbon emissions relating to reduced resin use and transportation of lighter product.

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