Take & Go

An innovative solution for snack foods. The snap design features 3 easy snap-in parts: Take & Go™ lid, portion cup, and drink cup. Great for yogurt parfaits with granola, cut fruit with sauce, salads with dressing, pita chips with hummus, & more. 100% Recyclable.

Product of North America
Composition & Information

Our Take & Go products come in convenient sizes perfect for holding snacks. Our portion cups are available in natural and black, and our lids are made to fit existing stock cups.

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Easy Assembly

Available sizes

ProductDescriptionCompatible With (Lids)Case QuantityOuter SCCLength (")Width (")Height (")Cube
ASD626-4Lid Take & Go-1000, 20/50108240240068202116.759.8752.01
ASD662-4PET Take & Go (TM) Lid- 1000, 20/501082402400480919.6315.6910.751.92
ASD600-2Clear Take & Go™ Dome lid-500, 10/501082402400712116.7510.007.000.68
ASD636-430/32oz Clear Souffle Dome Lid-500, 10/50 1082402400715222.6259.2513.1751.67
AG626CCombo Container & Lid Set-1000, 10/1001082402400694019.6248.12524.252.24
APC9 9oz PET Drink Cup662 series1000, 20/501082402400417518.8815.2512.502.08
APC1010oz PET Drink Cup600 series1000, 20/5000824024000170 16.1313.0016.752.03
APC1212oz PET Drink Cup662 series1000, 20/500082402400018718.8815.2517.002.83
APC1616oz PET Drink Cup626 series1000, 20/500082402400019420.0016.1320.003.73
APC2020oz PET Drink Cup662 series1000, 20/500082402400020018.8815.2523.253.87
APC2424oz PET Drink Cup626 series600, 12/500082402400021716.1312.1322.252.52
APC32R32oz PET Drink Cup636 series300, 12/251082402400689617.513.1317.252.29
APCC30C30oz PET Drink Car Cup636 series300, 12/251082402400680317.513.1317.252.26
ACR99oz Common Rim PET Cup626 series1000, 20/501082402400666720.12516.2513.752.6
ACR1212oz Common Rim PET Cup626 series1000, 20/501082402400669820.12516.2514.8752.82
ACR16F16Foz PET Common Rim Cup626 series1000, 20/501082402400704620.0016.1317.3753.24
ACR2020oz PET Common Rim Cup626 series1000, 20/501082402400671120.12516.2521.3754.0
ACR2222oz PET Common Rim Cup626 series1000, 20/50108240240069572016.12522.6254.23
ASB2002oz PP Souffle CupFOR USE WITH ASD600-2 ONLY2500, 10/2501082402400441017.8510.37513.1251.41
ASB2502.5oz PP Souffle CupFOR USE WITH ASD600-2 ONLY2500, 10/2501082402400440318.12510.37513.1251.43
ASB3253.25oz PP Souffle CupASD662-4, ASD626-4, ASD6362500, 10/2501082402400439715.56312.5019.002.14
ASB4004oz PP Souffle CupASD662-4, ASD626-4, ASD6362500, 10/2501082402400438015.56312.5019.8752.24
ASB5505.5oz PP Souffle CupASD662-4, ASD626-4, ASD6362500, 10/2501082402400437315.56312.5021.002.36