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HIPS is the ideal plastic material for lidding hot beverages and foods. Amhil can produce a custom lid to fit your cup or container in a variety of gauges, designs and colors.

In addition, Amhil HIPs lids have ESCR (environmental stress crack resistance) properties which make them resistant to fats and oils found in many foods and hot beverages. We also manufacture a variety of generic lids that fit many of the most common cups now on the market. 


Clear flat with or without straw slots, and dome lids with or without holes are also available. Custom designed for that perfect fit, or let us do analysis to determine if any existing designs and fits meet your needs.


When extra high temperature resistance is required. Let us know your application and let us design a lid for you. 


Amhil lids are carefully designed and engineered to provide the best fit for your cup or container.

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