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Amhil North America (formerly Amhil Enterprises) was established in 1975 by a couple of Dutch engineers from two neighboring cities in the Netherlands called Amsterdam and Hilversum. Together they launched Amhil, a privately held Thermoforming Plastics Packaging company focused on delivering Best Value to the North American Food Services market. In the early days, Amhil first entered the New York market, offering a variety of hot drink lids to restaurants and kiosks.

In 1998, Amhil was acquired by Wentworth Technologies, a family owned and operated business with facilities in North America and Europe. Over the past twenty years, Amhil has expanded its product offering to include drinking cups, portion cups and food packaging. In 2001, Amhil expanded into the European market which is served by Amhil Europa. And in 2002, Amhil expanded its offering further with the acquisition of Stone Straw which produces a variety of standard and custom straws and stirs.

With a customer centered focus, Amhil’s mission is to consistently deliver best value to the North American Food Services market.

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