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Partnering with leading technology partners to identify market trends, invest in key innovations and achieve operational excellence

  • Increasing efficiency – reliable equipment ensures machine uptime and reliable on-time deliveries.
  • Maximizing Quality – industry leading technology ensures consistent uncompromising quality.

Offering a breadth of products manufactured using pre-qualified resins selected to exceed the desired customer application:

  • Multi-Supplier Strategy – multi-supplier approach ensures business continuity and supports reliable support
  • Variety of Pre-Qualified Resins – pre-qualified resins include PS, PET, PP each designed to meet your customers applications

Collaborating with customers to design and develop custom offerings, from initial concept to final product:

  • Printing & Embossing – customer printing and embossing capabilities allowing customers to market their brands.
  • Custom – our New Product Introduction (NPI) methodology uses best practices to meet cost, quality and launch goals.


Remaining focused on delivering best value for our customers for over four decades:

  • With a customer centric focus, our mission is to provide customers with best value
  • For 40+ years we have been supplying the North American food services market with industry leading quality and consistently responsive customer service

A recent survey of our customers confirmed quality as the most important factor considered when making a purchasing decision:

  • ISO:9001 – Quality Management System
  • We leverage our ISO 9001 Quality Management System to consistently achieve high quality standards.
  • HACCP Certified Production Control System
  • Preventative food safety system that identifies critical control points in our production process and manages/monitors these points to ensure the safest product is produced.
  • SQF Level 2 Certification
  • Provides a rigorous system to manage food safety risks and provide safe products for use by companies in the food industry.

Fill Rates and On-Time Delivery represent the cornerstone of our service offering:

  • A recent survey of our customers ranked Reliable Supply as the second most important factor consider when making a purchasing decision, with quality as the first.
  • On-Time Delivery and Fill Rate are the measures of reliable supply. Amhil partners closely with its trusted freight providers to consistently exceed industry leading levels with over 95% Fill Rates and On-Time-Delivery


  • High output equipment able to produce large production runs in a short period of time allows us to respond to unanticipated demand
  • Production operates 24 hours, 7 days a week to allow us the flexibility to produce product with competitive lead times
  • We work with our customers to accommodate their order minimums to reflect the constraints in their business
  • Certain stock products are available in smaller quantities
  • Contact us for more details


Environmental initiatives are aimed at improving our impact locally & globally. Our comprehensive sustainablity plan includes:

  • Energy Reduction: Reduce energy consumption through investments in more energy efficient machines and auxiliary technologies
  • Recycling Program: Implement waste reduction and recycle programs at all Amhil facilities, and support customer initiatives
  • Material ReductionReduce material usage through optimized designs. Additional benefits include reduced CO2 emissions relating to transportation of lighter product

For Amhil customers interested in a carbon neutral solution.

  • We invest in third party managed and audited programs, applying globally recognized standards, that offset greenhouse gas emissions equal to the CO2 generated per pound of product delivered
  • Our partner Carbonzero oversees and certifies the process allowing us brand product as Carbonzero Certified
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