Portion Cups & Lids

Delivers the ideal portion size for dining in or take out. Perfect for salad dressings, salsa, condiments, soy sauce, and more. Portion cups are available in clear and black, in a variety of sizes. 100% Recyclable.

Product of North America
Composition & Information

Our high-clarity PET lids allow for easy visibility. Our polypropylene bases are microwaveable and our “patented sidewall” construction allows for increased rigidity.

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Leak-Resistant Snap Lids
PET & Polypropylene Products

Available sizes

ProductDescriptionCompatible WithCase QuantityOuter SCCLength (")Width (")Height (")Cube
ASB0750.75 oz PP Portion CupASL12500, 10/2501082402400709117.507.3259.250.69
ASB1001 oz PP Portion CupASL110 x 2501082402400621617.507.3759.250.69
ASB1501.5 oz PP Portion CupASL210 x 250 1082402400442717.87510.37513.1251.41
ASB200 2 oz PP Portion CupASL210 x 250 1082402400441017.87510.37513.1251.41
ASB2502.5 oz PP Portion CupASL210 x 250 1082402400440318.12510.37513.1251.43
ASB3253.25 oz PP Portion CupASL4/510 x 250 1082402400439715.5012.5019.002.14
ASB4004 oz PP Portion CupASL4/510 x 2501082402400438015.56312.5019.8752.23
ASB550 5.5 oz PP Portion CupASL4/510 x 2501082402400437315.56312.5021.002.36
ASB150 Black1.5 oz PP Portion Cup BlackASL2 2500, 10/2501082402400470017.87510.37513.1251.41
ASB200 Black2 oz PP Portion Cup BlackASL22500, 10/2501082402400466317.87510.37513.1251.41
ASB325 Black3.25 oz PP Portion Cup BlackASL4/52500, 10/2501082402400467015.5012.5019.002.14
ASB400 Black4 oz PP Portion Cup BlackASL4/52500, 10/2501082402400468715.56312.5019.8752.23
ASB550 Black5.5 oz PP Portion Cup BlackASL4/52500, 10/2501082402400472415.56312.5021.002.36
ASL11.0 oz Portion Cup Lid0.75, 1 oz Cups 2500, 20/1251082402400721312.2510.008.3750.59
ASL21.5/2/2.5 oz Portion Cup Lid1.5, 2, 2.5 oz Cups2500, 20/1251082402400769513.62513.62510.8751.17
ASL4/53.25/5/5.5 oz Portion Cup Lid3.25, 4, 5.5 oz Cups2500, 25/1000082402400047716.12516.12513.502.03