New product development to support your sustainability goals

We collaborate with our customers to develop new products that achieve their specific needs. Our team will work with you to design a solution tailored to your business.

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The process

We’re able to optimize your food packaging for best value, from cost, quality and sustainability to achieve your goals.


Discovery & research

The first stage of new product development is having a clear understanding of the customers’ needs and goals. Next would be to do research on the market and study global trends to identify the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Concept development

In the second stage, we sit down and brainstorm ideas for potential concepts. Utilizing the knowledge we gained from our research and brainstorming, we start sketching as many concepts as possible to come up with the best solution.

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Customer assessment

In the third stage, we present our best concepts to the customer for evaluation and critical feedback. Finding the best concept that meets our customers’ goals and objectives.

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Design development

The fourth stage is refinement of the final concept using 3D CAD and rendering software. We share this finalized design with the customer for feedback and approval.

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In the fifth stage, we fine tune the design details and send the design off for prototype production; creating 3D printed prototypes for the customers review.

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Testing & validation

In the sixth stage, prototypes get tested in a real-world setting, refining the design and engineering details until our customers are happy with the final, fully tested prototype.

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The seventh stage is producing first-off samples for the customers’ final feedback. Any last minute corrections outlined by the customer will be made here for tooling adjustment and manufacturing.

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Innovation made simple

Together we’ll identify the challenges you’re facing with your current food packaging and develop a new product concept. Our team will help you visualize your ideas, from sketching new designs to prototyping and product development.

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